Sri Peruvemba is CEO of Marketer International Inc., a marketing services firm specializing in the global high-tech industry.  Sri’s Zoom appearance was arranged by Program Chair Asad Khan, as part of his “Immigrant Success Stories” month.
Peruvemba was previously Chief Marketing Officer for E Ink Holdings, where he played a major role in transforming the startup to a $1 plus billion global ePaper company.  With over 30 years of experience in the technology industry, Peruvemba has been an influential advocate in the advancement of electronic hardware technologies.  He is an acknowledged expert on sensors, electronic displays, haptics, touch screens, electronic materials and related technologies; and consults, writes and presents on those subjects globally. He is a personal mentor to 35 people and involved in a number of activities, including a cricket club he started in Silicon Valley.
            Sri told stories about his academics in India and journey to the U.S., where he took his first job at Pizza Hut to help pay the bills while studying for an MBA.  He was frustrated with the slow pace of business in India and thrilled with his quick promotions in America.  He shared stories of his “lessons learned” and positive attitude and work ethic with the group, including a breathing exercise and gratitude habit.  He says the key to success is to have people who believe in you—and to be a person who believes in others.