Following the year Charlie Zumkehr was President, 1979-1980, Glenn Saltzman accepted the gavel and announced the highlight of his term was the Past President Ted Rowe gift to Rotary International of $35,098 and as a result many Past Presidents received the Paul Harris Fellowship Award.

Now I have Good News and Bad News!

First the BAD NEWS!

This will be my last History Moment for the near future!  Since June of 2020 I’ve given these weekly moments some 70 times, trying to remind us of our illustrious past and encourage us to build on that heritage to even better tomorrows!
Now the GOOD NEWS!

Thanks to the financial support from our Past Presidents group, who underwrote the cost of publishing, the “One Hundred One Years Of Rotary in Kent, Ohio” each one of us can access our history now in as much as this book duplicates the three previous history books about our club plus an update thru this past Covid-19 pandemic. These books, updated by David Dix and published thru the efforts of Tom Hatch will be distributed at our 100th Anniversary Celebration and to the rest of our members at our future meetings.

Maybe there will be some isolated History Moments in the future but on an infrequent schedule.

Thanks for listening!

Jim Myers