Another reminder of our 100 year history.  Today’s history moment involves our city, club and my family.

Mentioned earlier this year was the fact that our club president, John Salter, who was the Supt. of the Lamson and Sessions Company, was my wife Sally’s grandfather, and was President of our club 1929 to 1930. During his presidency a program had been scheduled by one of our founding members, Duncan Wolcott, also my wife Sally’s other grandfather, about the Glider Club formed at Theodore Roosevelt High School. Fate intervened as Duncan suffered a heart attack and died a day or so later.  
In a tribute to Duncan, written by our club’s founder, Tubby Walls, Kent Schools Superintendent, He pointed to the fact that Duncan, who had been Portage County’s Prosecuting Attorney and a gifted orator had presented the case for Kent State Normal College being located in Kent,
Before the Ohio Legislature, and because of his service as a Kent School Board President , and a staunch Republican,  supervised the construction and promoted the naming of our high school in honor of Theodore Roosevelt.
Another member of our club who made “Service Above Self” his motto!
As a footnote, Duncan s widow Daisy Wolcott, opened her Lilac Gardens on West Main Street to provide some income while raising her 4 fatherless sons.
Another History Moment
Jim Myers