A new and interesting meeting was held on Tuesday at noon on August 31st, 1926.  

The sons and daughters of the Rotarians were entertained.  Those who were in college told of the schools they were attending.  The speakers were:  Arita Drew and Gwendolyn Drew, Kent State, Jane Andrews, Western College for Women, Robert Stopher, Wabash College, Louise Getz, University of Akron, Robert Andrews, Brown University,  Charles Young, Western Reserve who became my boss and  partner at Thompson’s Drug  Stores and three of my wife’s relatives, Uncle Roy Salter, Mount Union. And those who later became my in-laws, her mother, Jessie Salter, Ohio Wesleyan, and her father, John Wolcott, Ohio State University, before the “The” was added, and  obviously before the Great Depression!

Sorry this History Moment was so personal!

Jim Myers