In 1949-50 our most youthful president of Kent Rotary was Dick Wiland, a native Kent young man who had just returned from war service. His youthfulness brought new energy to the club and established many new young members on the rolls.

Evidence of the changes in the business world had a big impact on Rotary at our mid century mark.  Many  programs were to inform Rotarians of the future of business including those of Dr. John Davidson of Goodyear research who talked on “Practical Use and Effect Of Atomic Energy”, Dr. John Furbray of TWA who spoke on “Air Age Business”and Dr. J.O. Perrine, assistant vice president of AT&T on “Horizons In Communications”.
During the year Rotarians toured Lamb Electric’s Kent plant; heard members, Al Smith discuss a “Businessman’s Viewpoint” and John Simpson explain radio and television, and members and the public waited expectantly for the railroad’s proposed conveyor belt system in Ohio.  Akron’s Shorty Fulton discussed the air races and Joe Begala gave a program of how he taught hand to hand combat during the war.

Dr. John Painter sounded an alarm against socialized medicine and Professor Roger Shaw a former member of the American Military Government in Germany brought first hand knowledge on how to interact with post war Germany.  Another professor, Marvin Kollar, who had spent 3 years in the Solomon Islands brought a program on the head hunting tribes there as well as a shrunken head for viewing.

Rotarians helped that year with the expansion of Fred Fuller Park and the new baseball diamonds.

History Moments.

Jim Myers