Local concerns, international problems and outdoor activities predominated the Rotary programming for the 1953-54 year when Burt Fageol presided over the club. Burt Fageol  came to Kent  from California with his parents when his father W. B. Fageol started the Twin Coach Company here. For many years he was associated with Twin Coach. Later he was an officer of the Ferry Machine Company and left Kent to go into business in the Virgin Islands.
Prominent Rotarians ran for elected offices  that year with Carl Meeker being elected Mayor of Kent, Jim France, municipal judge, John Simpson,president of council, Leland Keller, a councilman and  Al Smith a member of the Board of Education.
Joe Morbito who was chairman of the new Department of Architecture said there was a tremendous increase in students in his field. In four years of growth from only a half dozen students to more than 100. Phil Shriver who was to go on to be President of Miami University discussed Ohio history his specialty and later wrote the history of Kent State University. Bill Taylor, Head of the Journalism Department at KSU,a member of our club, discussed his work with the “Voice  of America”.

Bob Dix had made a trip to Russia and two Iron Curtain countries with the first group of small city newspapermen to be allowed there. He described his trip and experiences.

Two programs stood out to me that year, one by Ray Cheetham from the Ohio Bell Telephone Company, who explained the new telephone dialing system.  And James DuPont who explained his work in developing Cellophane and DuPont’s part in the building of the Atomic Energy Plant at Oak Ridge, TN.

The older members of our club can explain the terms “telephone dialing and Cellophane” to our younger members.

Jim Myers