District Governor H.K.Carpenter, addressed the club in August of 1940.  He spoke of his early life in Ravenna where he was born and being one of the first graduates of Kent State Teachers College. A special feature for the luncheon was the ice cream served for dessert made in airplane molds, the gift of Todd Fenn of the Fenn Dairy.
Another important meeting during the year was the 20th Anniversary of Rotary in Kent on November 20th at the Twin Lakes Country Club with over 250 in attendance. The guest speaker was Ray Knoeppel, former President of the New York City Rotary Club  a director of Rotary International and now a District Governor. His interesting and thoughtful message was at a time when the world was aghast at the carnage in Europe and the possibility of another world conflict.

Moments in our club’s history.

Jim Myers