It’s taken me a year to recap the first 25 years of our club as recorded in our “Silver Anniversary Edition” History of the Club No. 777 of Kent, Ohio, 1920-1945.  I quote from the epilogue pages that sum up our club’s progress.

The 25 business and professional men who became charter members of the Rotary Club of Kent did not fully appreciate the full significance of Rotary, nor did they completely sense the potentialities of the organization they were founding. They soon learned that a realization of the two slogans, “Service above Self,” and “He profits most who serves best,” were not to be treated lightly, but the application of the principles embodied in these mottoes were the true spirit of Rotary.

The early projects of helping crippled children, the Boy Scout movement and our clubs participation in the city’s  Recreation and Parks commissions helped establish our involvement and importance in our community.Also, despite the challenges that we faced during a depression and World War II, our Kent Club has promoted the growth of Rotary thru the organization of  6 or 7 clubs in the district including the only twin-charter presentation in the history of Rotary International when the Cuyahoga Falls and Ravenna clubs were officially received into Rotary at the same time.

And lastly, Paul Harris’s letter of congratulations on our 25th year is still appropriate today, “Remember this is the morning of Rotary not the evening.”

My future musings will be from the next book of our history 1945 to 1984.

Jim Myers