During the summer of 1938 the recreational director for the city desired to arrange for a Kid-Kar derby and requested Rotary’s assistance and cooperation.  Under the sponsorship of Kent Rotary, through the Boy’s Work Committee and the W.P.A. (Works Progress Administration, a federal program for the unemployed under President Franklin Roosevelt’ New Deal during the Great Depression), the Kid-Kar auto races were held for the next several years.  Similar, but a little different from the International Soap Box Derby, the races were held on Main Street Hill, starting on a special ramp constructed at the intersection with Mantua Street and ending at the east end of the bridge across the Cuyahoga River.

Once again the club sponsored An Institute on International Understanding with speakers knowledgeable on international problems as the speakers. The subjects covered were, “World Economic Cooperation”, “The New Day of Inter-American Friendship”, “American Neutrality”, and “Problems of New States in Central Europe”.
Finally in the summer of 1939, The Rotary International Convention, was held in Cleveland and an On-to-Cleveland Committee was appointed which resulted in a large attendance of Kent Rotarians!
Another moment in our history.
Jim Myers