A new committee was created by President Art Perry and named the Liason Committee designed to work between the Rotary Club  and the Kent Chamber of Commerce to prevent overlapping of activities and to secure mutual assistance where needed on community projects.  At the  meeting of January 2, 1945, the chairman of the Community Service Committee reported that all members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce were Rotarians, indicating the interest manifested by club members in the civic activities of the community.

To stimulate interest in the sixth war bond loan drive, Rotary had as a speaker on December 21, 1944 Roelif Loveland of Cleveland who recited his experiences as a war correspondent in France.  All the bond drive workers of the city were invited to this meeting and 125 people were in attendance. In the  sixth of the seven war bond drives initiated by the United States Treasury, Kent Rotarian Martin Davey, was chairman of the city and county committee for the sale of these bonds. And in all of the other seven drives Rotarian Howard Hall, was the area director. Martin Davey  had charge of the arrangements for the meeting and it was necessary for Martin to send his car through 8 inches of snow in a severe storm to get Mr. Loveland to Kent. But of such are Rotarians made!

Jim Myers