City Manager, Dave Ruller, noted that it is good to be able to meet in person again.  The city is still livestreaming meetings, but has begun in-person meetings as well.  He offered kudos to front-line staff in the city, including police, fire, and health departments.  He also noted that we are not out of the woods yet and urged precaution due to covid variants.  Dave also urged us to be extra kind to others.  Crime is up in the city.  Disputes and domestic violence incidents are on the rise.  Drug use is not abating either.
After the somber notes, Dave talked about positive changes in the city. 
Lager and Vine will be moving into the former Treno location.  Downtown businesses are busy again and looking to hire additional staff.  The closing of Franklin Avenue for pedestrian use has been well-received.  Wizardly World is coming back this year.  Heritage Fest was modified from before but did well this year. An outdoor ice rink is being planned for downtown in the area between the hotel and Parta.  It should be open around Thanksgiving and run until February.  Parta is going to run a trolley service between campus and downtown.  Look for that in the summer of 2022. 
Dave briefed us on a traffic circle project for East Main Street and developments in the Historic South End.  The Burbick properties are still for sale.  The city hall building project is out for bid.  Dave had a few more items on his update list but ran out of time.  President Kathy said we would have him back again.
Dave Sommers thanked Dave for providing a very engaging talk about a wide range of updates on the city of Kent.