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The Kent Community Heart & Soul initiative is a community driven effort to gather information about how people think about the place that we live, work, and play in. As Michelle Hartman asked the question “What would we miss in Kent if it were not there after the COVID-19 crisis?” it meshed nicely with a survey from Kent Heart & Soul is now taking. It is a short, one question survey. While Michelle’s question referred to downtown businesses that may not survive the subsequent economic crisis caused by the pandemic, I think you will find a similarity in this survey question. I would encourage you to go to their Facebook page and click on COVID-19 Question of Hope. Here is the link to their page: www.facebook.com/kentheartandsoul/
Most of us remember Fred Dubois as a longstanding Kent Rotarian and businessman. His dedication to Rotary ideals was reflected when he bequeathed $50,000 to the Kent Rotary Foundation at his passing. Now his family continues fostering those ideals through The DuBois Family Foundation. During our COVID-19 crisis, the foundation is partnering with Family and Community Services in leading The Great Ohio Health Hunt. Its focus is personal protective equipment to support frontline COVID-19 caretakers! I would encourage you to go to the Project URL for more details:
Big thanks to Chase Leonelli and Jacy Watson for speaking to us about Sequoia Wellness Center! What great information they shared regarding health and wellness. Pic includes Vice President Randy Smith and Amanda Senn from NEOMED...Amanda invited the pair to speak.


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