Forty-one members attended this past week’s digital meeting, hearing Michelle Hartman layout the challenges small businesses are facing due to the Covid-19 crisis. For those who couldn’t be there, here is a link for you to watch the recorded program.
While I attempted to edit extraneous distractions, you will see the meeting as it unfolded. By the way, the telephone number that keeps coming on the screen is one of our members. I discovered another quirk to the program and will correct that the next time. Also note, your president continues his meeting gaffes, announcing the Pledge as the National Anthem!  
But It is hard to believe it has been over 4 weeks since our last ‘in person’ rotary meeting! The impact of this reality came at the end of our digital face-to-face meeting this past Tuesday. As announced last week, we moved up the starting time to 12:15 and our ending time a firm 1:00 at the request of many members, especially those still working. The timeframe aligns nicely with our traditional meeting time after lunch. As the meeting came to a close, I was struck by many of us (me included) who just wanted to “hang out” a bit.  I wanted to ask Jim Myers about the weather in Hilton Head, and Debby Krutz about the upcoming school ballot issue, and…well...what kind of sandwich Nelson Burns was eating during the meeting! Just seeing the faces of our members on our monitors during the meeting is a great thing! But I confess to missing the before and after meeting socialization. Based on the end of our last digital meeting, I suspect many of you do to. The next time, I’m just going to call Nelson and ask him about that sandwich, and if Jim Facetimes, dial him up and ask him to show me the beach, and email Debby to see if there is any last minute things we can do to support the bond issue effort from my keyboard. Though practicing social distancing, we can still find ways to stay connected!
Next Week’s Program
Please remember our new starting time of 12:15PM because you don’t want to be late to next week’s meeting featuring Community Service Director and Rotarian of the Year Todd Kamenash. His program is titled “Kent Rotary Trivia!” providing us all with his brand of wit and wisdom and helping us learn more about our club!
As in the past, here is the sign-in information: Meeting ID: 570 454 3309                                                                                      Or Cell Phone
Dial: 1-929-205-6099  Enter Meeting Id:  570-454-3309 when prompted