President Roger's Digital Meeting Notes-April  7, 2020
Forty-one members attended this past week’s digital meeting, hearing Michelle Hartman layout the challenges small businesses are facing due to the Covid-19 crisis. For those who couldn’t be there, here is a link for you to watch the recorded program.
While I attempted to edit extraneous distractions, you will see the meeting as it unfolded. By the way, the telephone number that keeps coming on the screen is one of our members. I discovered another quirk to the program and will correct that the next time. Also note, your president continues his meeting gaffes, announcing the Pledge as the National Anthem!  
But It is hard to believe it has been over 4 weeks since our last ‘in person’ rotary meeting! The impact of this reality came at the end of our digital face-to-face meeting this past Tuesday. As announced last week, we moved up the starting time to 12:15 and our ending time a firm 1:00 at the request of many members, especially those still working. The timeframe aligns nicely with our traditional meeting time after lunch. As the meeting came to a close, I was struck by many of us (me included) who just wanted to “hang out” a bit.  I wanted to ask Jim Myers about the weather in Hilton Head, and Debby Krutz about the upcoming school ballot issue, and…well...what kind of sandwich Nelson Burns was eating during the meeting! Just seeing the faces of our members on our monitors during the meeting is a great thing! But I confess to missing the before and after meeting socialization. Based on the end of our last digital meeting, I suspect many of you do to. The next time, I’m just going to call Nelson and ask him about that sandwich, and if Jim Facetimes, dial him up and ask him to show me the beach, and email Debby to see if there is any last minute things we can do to support the bond issue effort from my keyboard. Though practicing social distancing, we can still find ways to stay connected!
Next Week’s Program
Please remember our new starting time of 12:15PM because you don’t want to be late to next week’s meeting featuring Community Service Director and Rotarian of the Year Todd Kamenash. His program is titled “Kent Rotary Trivia!” providing us all with his brand of wit and wisdom and helping us learn more about our club!
As in the past, here is the sign-in information: Meeting ID: 570 454 3309                                                                                      Or Cell Phone
Dial: 1-929-205-6099  Enter Meeting Id:  570-454-3309 when prompted
A Message From Jeff Roeger
Dear Rotarians,
Drugstores are on the front lines of the COVID-19 Virus. At first overwhelming, but also a commitment to the health and well-being of our community.
I want all Rotarians to know that you can reach me with any medicine question or how I at Walgreens can be of help.
Unfortunately, we do not have masks, hand sanitizers, antiseptic wipes, thermometers, zinc, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and even toilet paper. I will let everyone know when any of these become available.
We have conference calls daily and the information from the CDC and Governor DeWine is the most current. If there are any questions, I will have the answers. Its best to reach me via email:
Thank you all for being the leaders in all you do!
Jeff Roeger
eMeeting on April 7, 2020
Rotary Club of Kent meeting minutes
Rotareminder   April 7, 2020
President Roger rang the bell and called our Digital Meeting to order. Randy Smith led the pledge and the invocation.
Roger Sidoti                -encouraged everyone to check their ClubRunner Directory if they        
                                        needed to add/update their photo.
-Thanked David Dix for his kind words in the paper on Sunday and pointed out that the efforts being made were a team effort of the Rotary Board.
-Directed club members to email, call, or text any announcements they want included or they can make them at the digital meetings themselves.
Larry Lohman             -announced that the Roosevelt Interact Club was holding a meeting this afternoon in Google Hangout modeling our clubs’ efforts in staying connected.
Todd Kamenash         -reviewed the program for next week, Kent Rotary Trivia. He encouraged us all to attend the digital meeting wearing our favorite hat!
Anita Herington         -provided comic relief with a story from her sister about a bat in China, how unhinged we are coming being confined to home, or otherwise we are all….well….members can fill in the blanks!
A brief introduction was made introducing Michelle Hartman, Chief Operating Officer for Burbick Properties downtown and Treno Restaurant. Her presentation was The Impact of the Crisis Pandemic on Small Businesses.
Michele began the presentation with a simple question: What small business in Kent would you miss if it wasn’t there anymore? She asked everyone to think about that as she reviewed information about COVID-19’s impact on businesses to date. She thanked all of us for supporting our local small businesses, but reminded us that on March 15, 73 bars and restaurants in the greater Kent area were closed to customers. Some of her major points included the following:
-All the business owners are doing everything they can to help their employees and it has been a difficult decision to lay off their staff. Many workers were Kent State students who have left the area when the campus was shut down and wouldn’t be available if and when the ban was lifted.
-Some restaurants have tried to adapt by having carry-out menus on some evenings or being creative like Erie Street Kitchen having Pop-Up Street vending, all utilizing social media to get the word out. Not all restaurants had a carryout option before, so it wasn’t feasible to do.
-Business Interruption Insurance does not help because it doesn’t cover this type of situation, therefore no claims can be made to offset the losses the pandemic.
-When the social distancing ban is relaxed, businesses are already looking to reduce the amount of seating by removing tables, etc. To spread out diners, reducing the amount of income for the business.
-By March 22, all non-essential businesses were closed by order of the Governor, effectively shutting down the core business center of Kent. The Kent State Hotel was also closed. In addition, events planned by The Crooked River Arts Council, Mainstreet Kent, and the Kent Chamber of Commerce have been cancelled, and events in May and June are in jeopardy. Kent State’s Graduation and May 4th activities have been cancelled curtailing potential income to local businesses.
- Grill for Good scheduled for June 13 and The Kent Heritage Festival scheduled for June 28 are in great jeopardy. All of the activities have a significant impact on local businesses.
-The Small Business Association provides a Paycheck Protection Program, geared to getting your people back. It is 100% guaranteed loans through banks. Michelle emphasized how wonderful Hometown Bank, Portage Community Bank, and Huntington Bank have been in working tirelessly in process all these loans to small businesses.
-There is $369 billion dollars available, but you have to meet specific qualifications to secure the loan. Businesses under 500 employees can qualify for up to 21/2 times their monthly payroll, with some loan forgiveness possible if 75% utilized for salaries.
-The Economic Injury Disaster Loan is also available. This is a low interest disaster loan of up to $2million dollars paid back over 30 years. All of our businesses are taking advantage of these loan programs.
-Beyond loans, business have to adapt to the changes the pandemic has created. An example in Off the Wagon, who has already built a larger on-line order presence. Others are utilizing tech where possible.
-Kent Elastomers is providing components for a new business that has started in Texas. They are making personal protective gear.
Michelle wrapped up by pointing out that it is the human touch that is bringing us all together and we will get through this together. She asked if some of us would share what businesses would we miss. Anita pointed out how wonderful Off the Wagon is at Christmas time. Mary Beth said Ray’s, and Doug Fuller said everything!
Tom Hatch served as the responder to Michelle’s presentation. He thanked her for a wonderful presentation, noting the upbeat attitude and the specific information about what is available for our businesses. He indicated how grateful we are for her leadership during these difficult times and her personal investment in our community!
Closing Prayer
Carol Crimi offered a heartfelt closing prayer for all of us.
Rotary Club of Kent eBulletin
Information in this eBulletin comes primarily from the Rotareminder, board meeting minutes, and stories submitted by members. 
Since we cannot hold regular meetings, we hope to publish a weekly "Meet the Member" feature. We encourage you to submit a personal bio. Here is a sample template.
If you have any Rotary stories, events or speaker information to benefit the Club, please submit it to We will add it to the next appropriate eBulletin.
President Roger's Digital Meeting Notes
Our next Kent Rotary Digital Meeting is on Tuesday April 7 at 12:15pm. NOTE: The new starting time has been suggested by many members to keep with our traditional 1:00PM closure. It will feature Michelle Hartman of Treno Restaurant presenting on the financial difficulties facing our downtown businesses, especially restaurants and bars, during this crisis.   
While my last attempt at recording was a disaster, if you cannot attend, we will post the recorded meeting in our next Bulletin and/or Facebook Page for your viewing convenience. For those attending, you can begin signing into the meeting at 12:00 NOON on Tuesday. You will see a welcome PowerPoint scrolling to some soft music and I will call the meeting to order promptly at 12:15.
You may have heard about security issues related to hackers crashing the meeting. When you join our meeting, you are in the waiting room. I see your name and check you in. A slight problem is those who dial in on a cell phone. I don’t know who you are and assume you are one of us since you have the access code. We’ll work on this, but for now here is reminder for singing in: Meeting ID: 570 454 3309
You can than choose to join with audio or video  
                                                            Or Cell Phone
Dial:                        1-929-205-6099
Enter Meeting Id:  570-454-3309 when prompted
Lastly, next week’s meeting will feature our own Todd Kamenash, who will utilize his creativity and wit to educate and remind us of our Club’s commitment to Community Service! You don’t want to miss this!!
As always, please contact any of us on the board with your needs, thoughts, and concerns.
Joan Seidel's COVID-19 Update
Joan Seidel's COVID-19 Update Slides from the March 31, 2020 online meeting.
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