A note from President Asad
Hello everyone,
Looking forward to an exciting May month of programs with Kent State Football Head Coach “kicking” us off (sorry couldn’t resist!).  Our month will be wrapped up by our exchange student, Maria, talking to us about her year as a Rotary exchange student!
We have been working hard, behind the scenes towards the vision of a City of Kent Safety Town and Park in the South End of the city.  We will talk more about the status this month and explain service opportunities around this!
Thank you to all that have helped provide feedback and thoughts and suggestions towards our evolving Annual Auction and helping with guiding it into better and better for the years to come!
Rotaryminder for April 30, 2024
Rotareminder   April 30, 2024
President Asad Khan called the meeting to order.  David Dix opened the meeting on the piano leading the club in singing of the God Bless America. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, led by President Asad. The invocation was led by Ralph Kletzian. Our opening song, Climb Every Mountain, was led by Dominique Bollenbacher.
Visiting Rotarians
There were no visiting Rotarians.
Jim Myers introduced Harry Halem
Asad Khan introduced his wife Beth, his daughter Sara, and our exchange student Maria.
Jennifer Lennox call attention to an email sent out by Julie Brandle. New members who join in May are entered into a $100 gift card drawing and referring members receive a Rotary umbrella and get entered their own $50 gift card drawing when the new member joins!
Larry Lohman thanked the club members who attended the District Conference the previous weekend. While the number of members missed his challenge to the club, he thanked the following for representing Kent Rotary: Jeff Roeger, Dave Hansford and wife Kay, Rachel Kerns, Dominique Bollenbacher, Kathy Myers, Hattie Tracy, Carol Crimi, Bill Childers, Nancy Whitehead and our exchange student, Maria.
Chas Madonio invited interested Rotarians to join him and his wife Nancy on an organized trip to New York City the weekend of October 17th. See Chas for details.
Stacey Richardson thanked everyone for their support of the Rotary Auction the past Tuesday evening, raising more than $23,000 for the Kent Rotary Foundation. She especially thanked her committee members Jennifer Lennox, Ben Tipton, Nancy Whitehead, Nithya Venkataraman, Rosi Peruyero-Noden, Dominique Bollenbacher, Roger Sidoti, and Asad Khan.
New Member Induction
President Asad invited up Anne Moneypenny to introduce inductee Dennis Campbell. Following his career as the Events and Operations Director at Kent State University, he was named Executive Director of the Kent Chamber of Commerce this past February. Dennis’s impact at KSU was acknowledged with the creation of The Dennis Campbell Award in the Fraternity and Sorority Department at the university.  President Asad read the proclamation of induction and new member Dennis Campbell was awarded a warm welcome into Kent Rotary with a standing ovation.
Happy Bucks
Jennifer Lennox for her son’s award at Kent State and her daughter passing her driving test.
Ben Tipton for his anniversary on Cinco di Mayo.
Nelson Burns for the guilt he felt being happy that a tree was blown down in Dave Hansford’s yard and not his. And another one for Davey Tree Double IPA at the Battleground that is now sold out.
Kathy Myers for Stacey Richardson, Rotary Auction Chair and her committee, and another for exchange student Maria, for her work at the district conference.  
Larry Lohman for his daughters winding up their year at collage, and our exchange student Maria for coming in 3rd with her display at the district Conference.
Stacey Richardson for our exchange student Maria, who handled the tech coordination for attendees at the Rotary Auction.
Randy Smith for daughter Megan who completed her 6th World Marathon.
President Asad for his wife Beth, daughter Sara, son Adam, and Exchange Student Maria.
Student of the Month
Roosevelt Principal Dennis Love introduced Adam Khan. Adam is a Senior at Roosevelt who excels in everything he does. He is especially proficient in the foundation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) and will be graduating with a perfect GPA! He has taken almost every AP and Advanced Course he could schedule, rounding out his Senior year with AP Physics 2, AP Comprehensive Government, Orchestra, and College Credit Plus AP Statistics. His interest in science, especially physics, landed him an award stipend to conduct in-depth laboratory research during the summer of 2023 with Dr. Pater Palfy during a Summer Experience Internship in math and physics. Beyond his accomplished academic achievements, Adam is an outstanding young man who excels in music, athletics, and positive leadership. As one of his teachers concluded Adam “strives to become a liberal humanist in the Renaissance tradition.” Adam will attend Kenyon College next fall as a member of the Class of 2028.
Kathy Myers introduce Kent Rotarian Rosi Peruyero-Noden. She and her husband Kirk have three children and are the owners of The Battleground Restaurant in Kent. Her topic is the history of the Cinco-di-Mayo celebration.
Rosi began by relating her experiences with Cinco-di-Mayo when she came to the United States. She indicated that her town and surroundings did not have what she described as the “facilities” available in this country. While they held parades and pageants in her community to commemorate Cinco-di-Mayo, she was surprised how this date had been adopted in the states as a day of eating and especially drinking. When asked by friends and acquaintances about how she celebrated she said, “We don’t do that in Mexico!” She made the following points about the history of the date in Mexico:
-In 1862 Mexico had no army and a limited government. They had no money to raise and arm an   
-French troops from Vera Cruz were intent on marching inland to the town of Puebla. Three generals from indigenous groups went from town to town to recruit indigenous farmers and townspeople to help stop the French Army. 
-The indigenous people, having no weapons other than clubs, sticks, etc., surrounded the French encampment at night with containers of liquid hot peppers they sprayed on sleeping soldiers and then were able to rout the teary eyed and confused French.
-Ultimately, this army of volunteers defeated the French in what is known as the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Cinco-Di-Mayo is a celebration of this great victory in Puebla and is remembered as such.
-Some Americans confuse Cinco-Di-Mayo with Mexican Independence Day, which occurs on September 16, but all most all are unaware of the significance May 5 holds in Mexico, especially in Puebla.
In response to a question from Kathy Myers about possible special dishes being offered that day at the restaurant, Rosi indicated that the French occupation of Mexico left a strong tradition of pastries, and these will be available at the Battleground. Paul Organ had asked if any French stayed and Rosi indicated they had and gave strength to the pastry tradition/
Our Exchange Student Maria served as the responder, indicating she had never heard of the Cinco-Di-Mayo celebration in her home country of Brazil! She thanked Rosi for her presentation to the club.
Submitted by Roger Sidoti
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