President Roger's Digital Meeting Notes-April  21, 2020
I’m pleased to announce that our digital meetings have gained attendance traction!
I want to thank Doug Fuller for his great program this past Tuesday. He reminded us the difficulties we still have in understanding the events surrounding May 4, 1970 at KSU. You can access his program using the following link and password. It includes club members in an “after meeting” discussion. I have decided not to publicly post on our website or Facebook, but only give access to our members.
Password: 6x@&Y@85
This coming Tuesday May 28, Rotarian Matt French will be presenting AMETEK: Helping with the fight against COVID-19. We look forward to how this Kent based firm is making an impact during this crisis.
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eMeeting on April 21, 2020
Rotary Club of Kent meeting minutes
The Rotary Club of Kent
April 21, 2020
President Roger called the virtual meeting to order at 12:15 over David Dix led the club in singing “God Bless America” from his home. David Myers led club members in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and Olivia Pilon offered the invocation, both from their respective homes.
Meetings for the next month will be held over at least until May 12. The club may resume face-to-face meetings at the United Methodist Church, or offer both face-to-face and virtual options beginning in mid-May. Speakers will be as follows:
  • April 28 – Matt French from Ametek speaking about helping with the fight against COVID-19
  • May 5 – Jeff Miller, Kent-born children’s book author of The Nerdy Dozen
  • May 12 – Bill Benoit from UH Portage discussing the impact of COVID-19 on UH Portage and Portage County
  • May 19 – Roger Hoover, a local artist and musician, will talk about his recent work during the pandemic “Porch Portraits.”
  • May 26 – Nate Jonoso from the Cleveland Indians will discuss what’s going on with the Indians and how the organization has been working through the disruption of the Coronavirus.
Randy Smith noted that, once we resume face-to-face meetings, we will likely observe social distancing and wear face masks.
Steve Dennis recommended an article in the New York Times about how COVID-19 can cause dangerously low oxygen levels in the blood. Here is a link to that article:
The Infection That’s Silently Killing Coronavirus Patients

Mary Beth Harper notes. “This is a very important story.  Please read. MB”
Will Underwood announced that the Center of Hope in Ravenna is looking for volunteer drivers.
Today’s Program:
President Roger introduced today’s speaker, Doug Fuller, a longtime Rotarian and former club president who, as a 20-year-old sophomore architecture student at Kent State University, witnessed the tragic shootings that took place on May 4, 1970. He told the story of his experience on that day beginning at 11:45 when he left Taylor Hall after morning classes.
In preparation for his talk, Doug reviewed published accounts of the event including the Justice Department’s summary of J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI Report on the incident, the President’s Commission on Campus Unrest, and the book “This We Know” by Laura Davis, Mark Seeman, and Carole Barbato. These sources confirmed his own observations that the assembly was a peaceful one, there was no sniper as has been claimed, and that the National Guardsmen were at no time under any real threat from the crowd, which never approached the Guardsmen closer that 60 feet.
Doug noted that the events surrounding the tragedy were well documented. A photojournalism class of students was assigned to photograph the anti-Vietnam War rally scheduled for noon that day. A student in Tri-Towers took an 8mm film of the events and another student in nearby Johnson Hall make a sound recording.
Using images taken at the site that day, Doug took us through the events that culminated shortly after noon with the deaths of four students and the wounding of nine others. He explained in detail the movements of the students and the Guardsmen in front of Taylor Hall and up Blanket Hill to the back of Taylor Hall where the shootings took place.
Along with many of his fellow students, Doug had planned to attend the rally at noon, stay for half an hour or so, then get lunch and prepare for an afternoon class at 1:10. He described the chill that went up his spine when he saw several Guardsmen kneel with weapons ready. But they moved on, and he walked north toward his dorm. At that time, he heard what he thought were firecrackers, thinking what a bad idea it was to shoot off firecrackers at such a volatile time. He described the incredible sense of anger he felt when he realized what had happened.
Doug also noted the key role played by faculty marshalls, especially Glenn Frank, in compelling the students to leave the scene before further confrontation would lead to more tragedy. He also pointed out that the Center for Peaceful Change at Kent State, established as a direct result of the shootings, has been a positive outcome of a terrible tragedy for our nation.
Olivia Pilon provided the response thanking Doug for his powerful presentation.
Respectfully submitted,
Thomas Hatch
2020-2021 Program Chair
Laing Kennedy has informed the current Rotary Board that he will not fulfill the Program Chair role as he had originally intended for 2020-2021. David Myers has been nominated to this position. The following is a vote for you to consider David Myers serving in the Program Chair role for 2020-2021. All voting will be anonymous.
Thank you,
Todd E. Kamenash
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Kent Community Heart & Soul
The Kent Community Heart & Soul initiative is a community driven effort to gather information about how people think about the place that we live, work, and play in. As Michelle Hartman asked the question “What would we miss in Kent if it were not there after the COVID-19 crisis?” it meshed nicely with a survey from Kent Heart & Soul is now taking. It is a short, one question survey. While Michelle’s question referred to downtown businesses that may not survive the subsequent economic crisis caused by the pandemic, I think you will find a similarity in this survey question. I would encourage you to go to their Facebook page and click on COVID-19 Question of Hope. Here is the link to their page:
The DuBois Family Foundation
Most of us remember Fred Dubois as a longstanding Kent Rotarian and businessman. His dedication to Rotary ideals was reflected when he bequeathed $50,000 to the Kent Rotary Foundation at his passing. Now his family continues fostering those ideals through The DuBois Family Foundation. During our COVID-19 crisis, the foundation is partnering with Family and Community Services in leading The Great Ohio Health Hunt. Its focus is personal protective equipment to support frontline COVID-19 caretakers! I would encourage you to go to the Project URL for more details:
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Go to the Paul Harris Society page and choose Join Today.
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